The Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implant is a modern treatment approach in addressing loss of teeth. There are numerous benefits from this treatment procedure such as restoring function and aesthetics. Some would consider this treatment as a cosmetic procedure, although it is more than that.

It involves two steps: surgical placement of a nickel titanium post within bone and the fabrication of the dental prosthesis. The treatment would take months to complete but the overall success rate is high.

Because of the numerous benefits and technique sensitivity of the procedure, having dental implants does come with a price. Compared to other dental prosthodontic procedures, dental implants are more expensive. Factors that affect the price of the treatment would be: dentist’s experience, location of the dental clinic, number of missing teeth to be replaced, number of nickel titanium post to be planted, materials to be used, and prosthodontic rehabilitation. On average $4000 would be needed for a single tooth dental implant (this includes the post and a single crown).

A dentist with more experience would likely charge a higher price. The same goes when the dentist had undergone trainings, studies, seminars and specialization. Also, the popularity of the dentist is also a factor in the price. The location of the dental clinic can also affect the cost of treatment. A clinic located within the city and urban area would cost more compared to clinics in rural areas.

A multi-implant procedure would mean a higher cost because of the additional materials, procedures and skills needed for the treatment. On average a 3 or 4 unit bridge supported by two dental implants can cost $8500. While an implant supported denture would be $34000 per arch. Usually a longer edentulous space would require a higher number of post to provide adequate support.

As mentioned, placement of the nickel-titanium post is only half of the procedure. The other half of the procedure would be fabrication of a dental prosthesis. A dental prosthesis could be made from porcelain, composite or acrylic and each of these would differ in price. There are also different available types of post that could be used. The materials to be used affect the price. There are different available brands and materials for both the posts and crowns. All these have varying prices which influences the overall cost of treatment. The main concern when selecting a material would be the over-all quality.

There could also be additional cost if other dental treatments like tooth extraction, sinus elevation and bone grafting are needed prior to implant placement. Some of these procedures are needed and a must for a successful dental implant procedure.

The final estimated cost of treatment is given after initial dental examination. Looking into all these figures, prices and factors could be exhausting and disheartening. Talk to the dentist for any concerns on the price and payment options.

Luckily, some dental insurance companies would cover a part of the dental implant procedure. Before having the procedure done, it is best to ask your dental insurance company if it includes dental implant procedures.

Other countries would offer a lower price for the same quality dental implants. A few countries that offer a lower price would be South and Eastern Europe, India, Philippines and Africa. Countries like Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and United States would offer the same treatment at a higher price.

To know more about the cost of dental implants, consult your dentist.